The price of a house

Estimated costs for the construction of a wooden house in the red phase

The price of a wooden house at the structural stage

We do not build semi-finished houses or turnkey houses!


It is difficult to establish an exact price per square meter for a wooden house at the structural stage, without having a house project, because the price of the wooden house depends on characteristics such as: chosen structure thickness, type of insulation mounted in the prefabricated structure of the house, the interior height of the wooden house, the number of partition walls of the house, the number of load-bearing walls, the type of roof (flat, 2 slopes, 4 slopes, etc.), the shape and complexity of the roof, the complexity of the construction glued laminated wood), whether or not there are terraces and outdoor pergolas, etc.

A cost for the construction of a house is established based on the architectural project we receive from the client. Based on the architectural project, we estimate for materials and labor for the prefabrication, transport and installation of the wooden house.

Pret casa din lemn

The cost of a wooden house depends on:

Characteristics of the wooden structure:

  • Thickness chosen for exterior walls: 150mm (standard thickness) or 200mm
  • OSB thickness chosen for exterior cladding: 12mm (standard), 15mm, 18mm or 22mm
  • The type of insulation desired to insulate the prefabricated structure: glass mineral wool, basalt wool, wood wool, sheep wool, etc.
  • If you want OSB plating on the inside, and the desired thickness.
  • Desired type of frame: with 45mm x 220mm rafters (standard), glued laminated timber rafters, paneled, which remain visible

Characteristics of the architecture project:

  • Desired interior height of the wooden house.
  • The number of interior walls of the house.
  • If a floor over the ground floor / first floor will be provided, or opt for a roof with exposed layered beams.
  • The shape and complexity of the roof.
  • Opt for an attic house or a house with a whole floor (with the same height as the ground floor).
  • If there are covered outdoor terraces or pergolas.