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Images from our construction sites from Europe. Take a look at what we have built so far, and see house such a house is built.


Information regarding timber framing structures. Here you can see the advantages of using this constructive system.

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Timber framing houses - Transval Romania

With over 25 years of experience in the field, Transval’s main activity is the production of prefabricated panels for wooden houses.

Our main markets we operate in are Italy, France, Switzerland, Austria and Norway. We supply all the prefabricated elements of a wooden house (prefabricated wooden panels for walls, floors and roof), we transport and on request, we mount these prefabricated panels for wooden houses, on the foundation made by the client.

The constructive style of a wooden house offers many advantages over brick houses. The choice of this constructive style in most countries is based on a very large volume of research conducted on the strength of a wooden house, the thermal comfort of a wooden house, and the health offered by a wooden house, as well as environmental protection. These wooden houses are very well maintained over time and ensure all safety and comfort conditions. A wooden house adapts to all architectural and design styles. TRANSVAL has the necessary equipment and experience to produce prefabricated wooden houses, with sandwich wood structure, in accordance with DTU 31.2, DTU 31.3 and EUROCODE 5 requirements. Transval SRL holds a CE certificate for wood in accordance with SR EN 14081.

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About wooden houses

House prices at the structural phase

It is difficult to establish an exact price per square meter because it depends on the characteristics of the house, such as: interior height, number of partition walls, number of load-bearing walls, type of roof (flat, 2-slope, 4-slope, etc.), and so on as well as the thickness of the chosen structure and the insulation material.

The advantages of wooden houses

Although in terms of price, the houses on the wooden structure are not far from the price of traditional constructions, in time, savings will be made in terms of heating / cooling costs, due to the very good insulation. These houses come with a number of advantages compared to brick or BCA constructions.

The constructive system

The manufacturing system of framing wooden houses involves the construction of walls on floors (foundations), using uprights (wood 150mm x 45mm), as high as one level, to resilience the structure of the walls. These walls represent the support of the floor beams that will form the floor (foundation) for the next level.

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Due to the very large fluctuations in the last period of the price of the raw material, we decided to temporarily suspend the offer of wooden structures.

Please return with your request after July 2021.

Thank you for understanding.